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William F. (Bill) Jolitz

William F. (Bill) Jolitz (personal site William Jolitz) is an experienced Silicon Valley executive capable of broad cognitive grasp and strategic vision.

  • Internet startup experience. Advanced technologies. Finance, investor, and customer relations.
  • Experienced manager, B2B strategist, M&A, and business development deal maker.
  • Strategic alignment, partnership articulation, business and revenue models.
  • Well-regarded author expert on operating systems, networking, security and distributed systems.
  • International experience. Published works in German and Japanese.

William currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of ExecProducer, a Silicon Valley startup at the forefront of vending realtime video production services and products.

William has served as senior executive of an international managed service provider, and in various capacities planned and deployed multiple large-scale datacenters, global NOC, and joint service operations with international partners. Under his watch, his development staff designed novel products to empower customers with real-time access and control of services.

William has founded and served in executive positions at InterProphet Corporation and Symmetric Computer Systems. He served in Corporate Strategy and New Ventures and held product management roles in storage networking (SAN) and NT at Tandem Computers. He served in both strategy and engineering roles at CommerceFlow, a developer of resource and supply chain management software for enterprise. He consults to major corporations in business and strategy. He was the architect of the first open source Berkeley Unix releases. He is a widely read international author. He advises high-tech startups on business and investment matters and is active in the Silicon Valley business and investment community networking groups. He got his start at NASA Ames (see "William Jolitz - Early Years") in the 1970's, and remains involved with aerospace concerns.

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William holds rights in novel operating systems and web service technologies. He was co-creator of the fundamental technology for InterProphet and is lead inventor on the first patent filings. He was the architect of the first open source Berkeley Unix releases. William began his professional career while still in high school at NASA-Ames as a contractor, and completed over 40 contracts over the course of his studies at Berkeley. William also was the developer of the Menlo UNIX operating system incorporating early ARPANET TCP/IP work for USGS while at Berkeley. He is a widely read international author and popular speaker.

Video - The One to Watch William F. (Bill) Jolitz, founder and executive of many Silicon Valley start-ups and large technology companies, has has been named the new CEO of ExecProducer.

According to the company's press announcement, "William is a highly experienced executive in the technology services sector and will bring valuable insight and knowledge to ExecProducer. His record of focusing, energizing and growing technology companies is outstanding. We are very pleased to have an executive of William's caliber join our company."

ExecProducer is the leading worldwide provider of realtime production services for Internet and cellular multimedia. The company's offerings include automated preproduction, production, and deployment of Internet media offerings, media tracking and metrics for Internet commercial tuning and analysis, and cellular, Internet and WiFi end-to-end multimedia content management.

"I look forward to joining the ExecProducer team," commented Mr. Jolitz. "The company is one of the world's foremost providers of technical and business multimedia and realtime production. ExecProducer has many strengths and unlimited potential. As company-wide challenges and goals are met by the team, ExecProducer will become an even stronger presence in the Internet and cellular multimedia production industry."

William Jolitz and two others founded Symmetric Computer Systems, Inc, a computer systems manufacturer and vendor. Symmetric designed, programmed, and build many products, the most famous of which was the Symmetric 375.

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