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Archive of published works of various kinds by Jolitz. An essential part of the Jolitz Heritage has been widespread publication, commentary, and opinion. Literally hundreds of these items that are slowly being assembled into this site. Check back soon both for missing older items and new ones as well!

Apple's Next Step is a Software Gamble
Steve Jobs has persuaded Apple Computer Inc. to spend $400 million, mostly in cash, to buy his Next Software Inc., convincing Apple executives that it can fill a technological hole at the company Mr. Jobs co-founded 20 years ago. The deal is a coup for 41-year-old Mr. Jobs, who owns half of Next and who has tried to take it public for years. The big question: Is it a similarly good deal for Apple? ... discussing the abrupt acquisition of Next, William Jolitz expressed optimism that this acquisition, if handled appropriately, could be a good opportunity for Apple

What’s Venture Doing?
Darwin/Mac OS X: The Fifth BSD
[William Jolitz] posted a fully compilable and bootable system for personal computers built with the Intel 386 CPU. This release was the first of the 386BSD distribution.

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