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Archive of published works of various kinds by Jolitz. An essential part of the Jolitz Heritage has been widespread publication, commentary, and opinion. Literally hundreds of these items that are slowly being assembled into this site. Check back soon both for missing older items and new ones as well!

Published Items
Designing a Software Specification
Three Initial PC Utilities
The Standalone System
Copyrights, Copyleft, and Competitive Advantage
Zwei Seiten der Medaille
Language Tools Cross Support
The Initial Root Filesystem
Portierung von BSD-UNIX auf den 80386. Heimliche Liebe
Research and the Commercial Sector: Where Does BSD Fit In?
A Stripped-Down Kernel
Systemverwaltung durch Tabellen
The Basic Kernel
Sicher bewegen auf fremdem Terrain
Multiprogramming and Multiprocessing I
Damit die Fehlersuche nicht zum Hürdenspringen wird
Multiprogramming and Multiprocessing II
Alles in eine Schublade
Device Autoconfiguration
Feuer und Wasser
Rekursives Speicher-Mapping
Tanz auf dem Eis
Unix Device Drivers I
Aus Hänschen wird Hans
Unix Device Drivers II
Das Geheimnis des Multiprogramming
Unix Device Drivers III
Missing Pieces I
Magie des Kernels
Missing Pieces II
Erkenne Dich Selbst
The Final Step: Running Light with 386bsd
High-Speed Networking
Das Beste aus ISA machen
Coming to Grips with the Information Age
Das Beste aus ISA machen
Inside the ISO-9660 Filesystem Format
Einladung erforderlich
Extending Standards for CD-ROM
Under Lock and Key
Very High Speed Networks: HiPPI and SIGNA
Polymorphic Protocols
Developer's Bookshelf: Gigabit Networking
Op Ed: Inside 'Intel Inside'
Security and the INTERNET
Role-Based Network Security
Perspectives on Computer Security
Book Review: POSIX.4 Programming
DNS on the Hot Seat
DDOS: Just a Matter of Resource
Web Services and DataCenter Environments
Paving the Way for ‘Systers’
Memories and Cookies
Buffer, Buffer, Where is the Buffer?
The Problems of Personalization
Free Culture And the Internet
The Year Ahead
Search Engine Quirks and Search Engine Jerks
Misplaced software priorities
Opinion: Getting "Beyond Fear": A Security Expert's Prescription for A Safer World
Innovation After Grokster
The Google Test
Geek of the Week Award
2003 Alumni Award
The Symmetric 375 and Symmetrix Owner's Manual
The 386BSD Release 1.0 CDROM Liner Notes
Operating System Source Code Secrets Volume 1: The Basic Kernel
386bsd カーネルソースコードの秘密
386BSD from the Inside-Out
Operating System Source Code Secrets Volume 2: The Virtual Memory System
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Modular Kernel Design
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: So You Want to Write a UNIX Paper
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: CPU Kernel Facilities
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Process Creation
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Process Termination
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Process Exceptions via Signals
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Process Protection
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Process Privileges
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Executable File Format Emulator
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: File Descriptors
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Kernel Memory Allocator
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Configuration in Kernel Design
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Process Scheduling
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Memory Maps
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Memory Objects
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Paging Mechanism
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Page Reclamation
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Fault Handling
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Filesystem Cache Management
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Filesystem Lookup
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Assembly Entry and Primitives
386BSD: Die unendliche Geschichte
Faktor 10: Stauende; IP-Netze bis zu zehnmal schneller durch SiliconTCP
The Unknown Hackers
Fixing the Bandwidth Bottleneck
DSL, Bandwidth and IPv6: Where are We Heading?
Open Systems Networking With TCP/IP
ISDN Networking Technology: A Strategic Overview
The Internet and ISDN
Apple's Next Step is a Software Gamble
What’s Venture Doing?
Darwin/Mac OS X: The Fifth BSD
Among the deluge of sarcastic messages ...
Automatic Security Leak
Talk About Legacy Machines
Spotlight on "Hidden Physicists"
Cyberbullying 101
How Do We Categorize Our Industry?
Digging Silicon Valley's roots: some Homebrew Computer club & other newsletters online
Why so few women in tech? It's Anthro 101
Where Are All the Women?
Intel Develops Hardware To Enhance TCP/IP Stacks
In Silicon Valley, it's often who you know
Design of a Voice Output Adapter for Computer
UNIX on the National Semiconductor NS16032
The 375 and 875 Single Microprocessor BSD-Unix Systems
A Survey of Select Utilities on Current and Future Demand Side Management Strategies for the 1990’s
Jurisdiction and the Information Superhighway
Why NT Will Bury UNIX ....
... And Why the Internet Will Bury NT
Enabling the New Internet Enterprise
From 386bsd to OSPREY: The Evolution of an Operating System
All You Need is TCP: EtherSAN and Storage Networks
Lessons Learned in Massive Video Production (MVP) for University Alumni Outreach
Mars Colonization Vehicle (MCV) - An Earth-Mars Orbital Asteroid Transport for Mars Colonization
Global Warming Wasted Wetlands
An Analysis of the Viking Results to Extrapolate Possible Reactants from the Discovery of Perchlorates on Mars
Reaction Rates and Crystal Formations of Melamine-Cyanuric Acid Complexes in an Ammoniated Environment
Rock with a High Albedo Scattering Experiment: A Determination of Likelihood for Martian Hypolithic Bacteria
High voltage high vacuum coating
TCP/IP network accelerator system and method which identifies classes of packet traffic for predictable protocols
Term Addressable Memory of an Accelerator System and Method
Accelerator system and method
Review of Source Code Secrets
Unix System Administration
Vintage Computer Faire 2002
Before 386bsd: The Symmetric 375 Computer and Berkeley Unix
Issues in Deployment of Wireless Web Services
Open Software Development in the Real World
TV Quality Reliable Wireless Video Streaming
Before 386bsd: The Symmetric 375 Computer and Berkeley Unix
Girls Just Want to Have Astro Fun
Investment Use of the "Google Test"

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