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Archive of published works of various kinds by Jolitz. An essential part of the Jolitz Heritage has been widespread publication, commentary, and opinion. Literally hundreds of these items that are slowly being assembled into this site. Check back soon both for missing older items and new ones as well!

386BSD: Die unendliche Geschichte
Faktor 10: Stauende; IP-Netze bis zu zehnmal schneller durch SiliconTCP
The Unknown Hackers
Bill and Lynne Jolitz may be the most famous programmers you've never heard of. Not many Linux-come-latelies know this, but Linux was actually the second open-source Unix-based operating system for personal computers to be distributed over the Internet. The first was 386BSD, which was put together by an extraordinary couple named Bill and Lynne Jolitz. In a 1993 interview in Meta magazine, Linus Torvalds himself name-checked their O.S. "If 386BSD had been available when I started on Linux," he said, "Linux would probably never have happened."

Fixing the Bandwidth Bottleneck
DSL, Bandwidth and IPv6: Where are We Heading?

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