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Archive of published works of various kinds by Jolitz. An essential part of the Jolitz Heritage has been widespread publication, commentary, and opinion. Literally hundreds of these items that are slowly being assembled into this site. Check back soon both for missing older items and new ones as well!

Designing a Software Specification
In this first installment of a multipart series, the design specification for 386BSD, Berkeley UNIX for the 80386, is discussed.

Three Initial PC Utilities
Utilities to let you execute GCC-compiled programs in protected mode from MS-DOS and copy files to a shared portion of disk so MS-DOS and UNIX can exchange information.

Language Tools Cross Support
The Initial Root Filesystem
Portierung von BSD-UNIX auf den 80386. Heimliche Liebe
Research and the Commercial Sector: Where Does BSD Fit In?
A Stripped-Down Kernel
Systemverwaltung durch Tabellen
The Basic Kernel
Multiprogramming and Multiprocessing I
Damit die Fehlersuche nicht zum Hürdenspringen wird
Device Autoconfiguration
Unix Device Drivers I
Unix Device Drivers III
Completion of basic 386BSD device drivers.

Erkenne Dich Selbst
The Final Step: Running Light with 386bsd
Geek of the Week Award
The 386BSD Release 1.0 CDROM Liner Notes
We are pleased to present the release of our first official 386BSD Reference CD-ROM. This single CD-ROM contains the most up-to-date work in our continuing operating systems and networking research project including articles appearing in Dr. Dobb's Journal, select annotations, system and kernel source code, and executable binaries for select configurations. This CD-ROM is intended as a research and educational reference used to explore state-of the-art paradigms, choices, and trade-offs, as well as examine testbed implementations of these design choices. In addition, the collection of resources, articles, and other reference materials on this CD creates an informational programming resource that can be referred to again and again.

Operating System Source Code Secrets Volume 1: The Basic Kernel
386bsd カーネルソースコードの秘密
386BSD from the Inside-Out
Operating System Source Code Secrets Volume 2: The Virtual Memory System
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Modular Kernel Design
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: CPU Kernel Facilities
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Process Creation
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Process Termination
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Process Exceptions via Signals
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Process Protection
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Process Privileges
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Executable File Format Emulator
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: File Descriptors
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Kernel Memory Allocator
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Configuration in Kernel Design
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Process Scheduling
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Memory Maps
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Memory Objects
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Paging Mechanism
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Page Reclamation
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Fault Handling
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Filesystem Cache Management
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Filesystem Lookup
386BSD R1.0 Reference CD-ROM: Assembly Entry and Primitives
386BSD: Die unendliche Geschichte
The Unknown Hackers
Bill and Lynne Jolitz may be the most famous programmers you've never heard of. Not many Linux-come-latelies know this, but Linux was actually the second open-source Unix-based operating system for personal computers to be distributed over the Internet. The first was 386BSD, which was put together by an extraordinary couple named Bill and Lynne Jolitz. In a 1993 interview in Meta magazine, Linus Torvalds himself name-checked their O.S. "If 386BSD had been available when I started on Linux," he said, "Linux would probably never have happened."

Fixing the Bandwidth Bottleneck
Apple's Next Step is a Software Gamble
Steve Jobs has persuaded Apple Computer Inc. to spend $400 million, mostly in cash, to buy his Next Software Inc., convincing Apple executives that it can fill a technological hole at the company Mr. Jobs co-founded 20 years ago. The deal is a coup for 41-year-old Mr. Jobs, who owns half of Next and who has tried to take it public for years. The big question: Is it a similarly good deal for Apple? ... discussing the abrupt acquisition of Next, William Jolitz expressed optimism that this acquisition, if handled appropriately, could be a good opportunity for Apple

Darwin/Mac OS X: The Fifth BSD
[William Jolitz] posted a fully compilable and bootable system for personal computers built with the Intel 386 CPU. This release was the first of the 386BSD distribution.

Talk About Legacy Machines
The 375 and 875 Single Microprocessor BSD-Unix Systems
From 386bsd to OSPREY: The Evolution of an Operating System
Review of Source Code Secrets
Vintage Computer Faire 2002
Before 386bsd: The Symmetric 375 Computer and Berkeley Unix
Open Software Development in the Real World
Before 386bsd: The Symmetric 375 Computer and Berkeley Unix

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