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Who is Lynne Jolitz

Lynne Greer Jolitz (personal site Lynne Jolitz) has been a founder of startups ranging from workstations to Internet multimedia. Lynne is currently a Founder and Chief Technology Officer of ExecProducer a pioneer of Massive Video Production, and realtime Internet video production and deployment. Her most recent work was included as part of SIGCHI's Advances in Computer Entertainment Conference in Singapore held June 2004. The paper, Lessons Learned in Massive Video Production (MVP) for University Alumni Outreach, described Lynne's work with UC Berkeley's physics department on alumni outreach using ExecProducer's novel technology. She received an Alumni Award for this work at the Physics Department Alumni Reunion and Dinner October 2003. Asked later about her feelings on receiving this award, "The unexpected honor I have received tonight from my department is without doubt one of the most wonderful moments of my life."

Lynne was a top manager as Director of Network Engineering for a top-ten (Media Metrix) publicly-traded 24/7 media and entertainment content datacenter transacting 28 million ad impressions per day and hundreds of millions of web pages throughout the world. Lynne is also a noted author and authority on operating systems and networking issues. Her published works have been translated into German and Japanese. She is originator and commentator on the Internet video news show In the DataCenter discussing events in the computer industry

Lynne received a granted fundamental technology patent (2001) for her four-year work in very-high speed Internet protocol transaction technologies for high-end datacenters at InterProphet, the Internet infrastructure company she co-founded. Lynne was responsible for the development of the proof-of-concept scalable design and product which definitively solved both the 30-year bandwidth bottleneck problem while providing the ultimate solution to denial-of-service attacks by receiving the information ballistically, processing it on-the-fly, and acknowledging the results with no microprocessor intervention required. She held P&L responsibilities and the Secretary to the Board of Directors position. Prior to InterProphet, Lynne held P&L operational responsibility at Symmetric Computer Systems, a manufacturer of Unix workstations, for five years.

Lynne has appeared on the Oracle E-Business Network and was presented with their Geek of the Week award for her years of work in high-speed networking and operating systems design. She has appeared on Dvorak’s RealComputing discussing Internet broadband’s impact on our lives. Lynne is very active in the women’s entrepreneur and technology networking groups, and writes on topics of interest to women in high-tech, such as her commissioned front-page business article Paving the Way for ‘Systers’ appearing in the San Francisco Chronicle (9/15/03). Lynne has just been granted a semiconductor memory patent (June 2004), and continues her research work with technical papers and articles (list of works).

Lynne Jolitz Projects and Community

Lynne Jolitz is involved in running datacenters, inventing new ideas/processes, writing papers, private seminars/consulting, and as a community technology advocate.

Lynne Jolitz's Links

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Multiprogramming and Multiprocessing I
Device Autoconfiguration
Unix Device Drivers II
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Extending Standards for CD-ROM
Under Lock and Key
Very High Speed Networks: HiPPI and SIGNA
Perspectives on Computer Security
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Paving the Way for ‘Systers’
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386bsd カーネルソースコードの秘密
The Unknown Hackers
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Why so few women in tech? It's Anthro 101
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In Silicon Valley, it's often who you know
From 386bsd to OSPREY: The Evolution of an Operating System
All You Need is TCP: EtherSAN and Storage Networks
Lessons Learned in Massive Video Production (MVP) for University Alumni Outreach
TCP/IP network accelerator system and method which identifies classes of packet traffic for predictable protocols
Term Addressable Memory of an Accelerator System and Method
Accelerator system and method
Before 386bsd: The Symmetric 375 Computer and Berkeley Unix
Before 386bsd: The Symmetric 375 Computer and Berkeley Unix

September 15, 2003. San Francisco Chronicle, Technology and Business Section page E1. USA. Paving the Way for ‘Systers’. On Sept. 9, Anita Borg, a well-known computer scientist and champion for the advancement of women in the technology industry who died in April, was eulogized by colleagues at Stanford University's Memorial Auditorium. Here are the thoughts of Lynne Greer Jolitz , who has spearheaded several Silicon Valley Startups. Article also posted on SF Gate, among the top five newspaper-affiliated web sites in the U.S., with 4.9 million users and 58 million page views per month.

ACE2004 Massive Video Production Paper on Berkeley Physics Alumni Outreach

Lynne Jolitz, CTO ExecProducer, was notified on April 4, 2004 that her paper on using massive video production to build alumni outreach was accepted to the ACM SIGCHI International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology in Singapore (June 2004). The ACE2004 Conference is considered the foremost international conference on cutting-edge entertainment technologies in online games, CGI movies, interactive TV, virtual reality, and animatronics. The participants range from academics and researchers to entertainment giants like Disney and Pixar. According to Gino Yu, General Chair of the conference and of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, "Entertainment applications are becoming the main factor driving innovation in digital technology". ExecProducer is proud to be a participant in this exciting and growing area of Massive Video Production digital entertainment.

Lynne is very active in the womens entrepreneur and technology networking groups, and writes on topics of interest to women in high-tech, such as her commissioned front-page business article Paving the Way for 'Systers' appearing in the San Francisco Chronicle(9/15/03). She currently conducts due diligence on technology for investment and works on Internet multimedia community building projects.

Lynne Jolitz, writer and technologist, was not only the co-creator of the 386BSD operating system - the first open source Berkeley Unix release for the X86 platform - she was also a leader in the fight for the Berkeley open source copyright. Since her days as an executive at Symmetric Computer Systems, one of the first BSD UNIX startups, Lynne has always sung the praises of the great university work called the Berkeley Software Distribution. Of course, Berkeley is also Lynne's alma-mater, and its influence on academic achievement and battles for academic freedom is also strongly felt. Her ringing endorsement of the Berkeley open source copyright and her own corporate experience, Copyright, Copyleft, and Competitive Advantage appeared in Dr. Dobbs Journal as part of PORTING UNIX TO THE 386: LANGUAGE TOOLS CROSS SUPPORT a decade before the legal community found it fashionable dinner conversation.

Video - Do Patents Matter? Lynne Jolitz, has received a granted patent Term Addressable Memory of an Accelerator System and Method.

The patent addresses an improved term addressable memory and includes a mechanism for performing predetermined plurality of pattern matches of packets to classify them for use with stateful protocol processing units that can resolve session data spread across multiple data packets and process them for the ultimate destination. In a term addressable memory, redundant terms are recorded with a single memory entry. Two classes of terms are used to match packet addresses and application ports, as well as a much smaller session CAM that matches the aggregate match of all terms to a specific session.

The invention replaces a conventional content addressable memory such as that used in the "TCP/IP Network Accelerator System and Method" invented by Jolitz, Lawson, and Jolitz for InterProphet Corporation , a funded semiconductor company founded by William and Lynne Jolitz which pioneered and holds the fundamantal technology patents on Layer-4 low-latency protocol processing using dataflow design. InterProphet produced the most efficient and scalable TCP/IP hardware network server and storage card ever invented using SiliconTCP, as part of products such as EtherSAN.

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