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Rebecca Jolitz, Scholar

Rebecca has done scientific papers on her own and with co-authors.

Rebecca Jolitz's Recent Articles, Talks and Papers

August 30, 2007, UCLA. The Mars Society.The MCV: A Mars Colonization Vehicle, Benjamin Torsten Jolitz and Rebecca Dawn Jolitz . Invited talk on earlier paper on "The Mars Colonization Vehicle" .MCV is a permanent asteroid space station in a bielliptic stable Earth-Mars orbit with an 18-month period. See also Mars Colonization Vehicle (MCV) - An Earth-Mars Orbital Asteroid Transport for Mars Colonization

June 30, 2009, Mountain View, CA. NASA / Ames Space Science Division.An Analysis of the Viking Results to Extrapolate Possible Reactants from the Discovery of Perchlorates on Mars. Unpublished report. Reconciling the results of Viking and Phoenix missions with whether various chlorine-based compounds that may have been found by Phoenix could explain the Viking Lander experiment results under their respective experimental conditions.

November 25, 2009, Los Gatos. Intel Science Talent Search.Reaction Rates and Crystal Formations of Melamine-Cyanuric Acid Complexes in an Ammoniated Environment. Melamine and cyanuric acid were used to adulterate food in 2007 and 2008. They formed kidney stones, crystals that tore and blocked the renal tubules. I hypothesized these crystals form in minutes and with melamine resin rather than pure melamine in ammonium hydroxide. Melamine resin and pure melamine were reacted with cyanuric acid for variable times and the precipitate weight calculated. Crystal forms were observed under microscope. The results showed the crystals are formed with only pure melamine in days. It is a strong possibility that pure rather than industrial melamine was used to adulterate food cheaply. Crystals in this experiment were similar but not the same as those described in histological analyses of the pet kidneys. The kidney stones could just be more durable forms of the crystals while others are washed out and broken. This research has several international and national public policy implications. Countries with larger coal-mining industries are at substantial risk from people intending to cheaply adulterate food with raw melamine. Every nation, though, is at risk because an adulterated product can be easily relabeled, repackaged, and remixed through multiple transit points to obscure the country and company of origin. A proactive approach to public policy is critical to preventing widespread tragedies in the future.

March 19, 2010, Reno, NV. Junior Science and Humanities Regional Symposium.Rock with a High Albedo Scattering Experiment: A Determination of Likelihood for Martian Hypolithic Bacteria . Conference Presentation. Recently, hypolithic cyanobacteria, bacteria that survive on light scattered and transmitted to the underside of translucent rocks, have been discovered in the Atacama Desert, an on-Earth analogue to Mars. Hypolithic cyanobacteria could explain the Viking Lander positive results for autotrophic bacteria. A Monte Carlo simulation was created to simulate scattering within such high albedo rocks and calculate transmission of light (transmittivity) through the rock. Due to differences in atmospheric opacity, calculated Monte Carlo transmittivity had to be multiplied by Martian atmospheric opacity. Two models simulating scattering were written by myself in Python 3.1 and tested, a 2D model and a 3D model. Final transmittivity for the 2D model is 5.876% 0.0457% and for the 3D model is 31.17% 0.0486%, so life might be present on Mars as hypolithic bacteria.

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